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L’Officiel Portraits: Sonia Sieff


French photographer Sonia Sieff is currently working on a book,  The French , to be released in March 2017: Thirty female nudes photographed in France.

The best time of your life so far?
My age  today. I am more confident I feel in my place, where I  should be.

Do you feel you have achieved your dream as a child?
In part, yes. But it will always remain. Once married, perhaps. I confess that I have still have this dream girl in me.

What changes do you see in fashion today?
The fantasy, humor, extravagance. People who wear things that I would never wear. It’s great to dare.

At what  time of the last century would you have liked to live? 
The Roaring Twenties to Montparnasse and Saint-Germain-des-Près, the great intellectual years.

Someone with whom to live  the next 95 years?
My son.

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