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A World Through My Kaleidoscope – MASSIMO GIORGETTI


Follow the Kaleidoscopic vision of a former maths genius whose flair for fashion and eye for silhouettes complemented economic trends that made up into shapes and colors of MSGM, a fashion brand born in 2009, created in partnership with Paoloni Group.While Massimo Giorgetti exudes spontaneity. He recounts his youth with a solar bonhomie, evoking in turn his apprentice accounting woes and his very first ever mannequin he bought.  “The books of math and finance were a real nightmare. I waited for the end of the week to go forward to the kiosk, flip through fashion magazines and buy all of them. At 17, I was asked to be a model for fitting sessions … In a few months, I found out all the technical aspects of this(fashion) industry. ”

With an accounting degree, the young man landed a job sales manager in a fashion store, then he climbed the high speed levels, becoming head of department in a house known. And as Massimo never stops, the night he danced with all Rimini Alternative DJ sets. Until he decided to create his own brand, “MGMT fashion” , with the support of the Paoloni Group: “When I launched MSGM in 2009, it was a bit of a joke … Success has arrived unexpectedly. ” From the very start, Giorgetti anticipated the power of digital media and has developed a strategy in line with the current times.

The new generation, he knows, lives in immediacy, is aware of everything and seeks a reactive mode that allows him to assert his individuality: “In 2009, the popularity of facts MSGM was born in psychedelic prints computer in flashy colors. Even then, many young people prefer to gather their ideas on the internet rather than in the pages of magazines. ”

At this permanent concern for awakening, the creator combines modern shapes and materials and irreverent, often inspired by the Italian coast where he grew up. Visionary and altruistic, Massimo Giorgetti almost never says “I” . Behind the closed veils, he seeks support ofcourse of a circle of artists, musicians, designers, contractors located in Milan and which contribute directly or indirectly to the adventures of  MSGM .

Massimo Giorgetti at work in his apartment and up the backstage of the Fall-Winter 2016/17 from MSGM parade.

“I like to think my collections embody the sound: music for the eyes” His eclecticism the designer of 39 years expressed more than ever. Since spring 2015, he was artistic director of Emilio Pucci in addition to his duties at MSGM. “The Pucci house has a huge legacy. Initially I was a little scared by the weight of the past and I did a lot of research in the archives to reinterpret iconic pieces. Then I realized that while Pucci is a historic house, it has a very young personality so I started to impose my style while respecting its peculiarities. I hope I made the right choice. ”

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