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qt_sydney_spaq_reception-mBars? Been there. Fancy gym? Seen it. Of all the perks of a luxury hotel, a solid day spa trumps any facility – unsurprisingly, it’s nothing less than five-star service from the moment you set foot onto the mezzanine at QT Sydney, home to the hotel’s award-winning designer day spa ‘SpaQ’.


Soul Of A Scent


If it were not for Ernest Beaux, the world may never have experienced the phenomenon called Chanel No.5, nor would you have discovered Ralph Lauren’s ever popular Polo had it not been resurrected from a ‘reject’! We revisit legendary perfumers who make your fragrances everlasting memories. READ MORE

Loewe unveils its first fragrance


After revolutionizing the ready-to-wear lines and accessories in Madrid homes, the Irish designer Jonathan Anderson explored brands olfactory identity.

Loewe 001, first fragrance in by the new artistic director, propels the scent of this magnificent house in another dimension: that of subtlety. READ MORE

Louis Vuitton’s Olfactory Emotions


90 years later and voila comes one of the most coveted launch of the century, Louis Vuitton’s namesake series of fragrances to satisfy the olfactory needs of fragrance gourmands. Namesake scents are further sprayed in to seven women perfumes called ‘Les Parfums Louis Vuitton’. READ MORE


Girls who are boys who like boys to be girls… in a scent, that is

For the non-floral females among us, sifting through the fragrance department is a cruel taunt to the tomboy within – the spectrum can generically span from light and airy to heady and sexy without too much variation in between. The solution? Think like a man and try a cologne on for size.

packshot_The_Orchid_Man_web READ MORE



The harsher winter gets, more distant gets our beach workout desires. Indoor heated swimming pools and Jacuzzi takes precedence to the sweet salty uproar of waves, salt scrub body exfoliation appeals more than midnight skinny dipping in 30 C summer nights. READ MORE

Pass The Salt


It’s perfume’s most intriguing new ingredient, adding a playfully gourmand twist to a fragrance, or inciting dreams of aroma-rich days at the beach in this grim aussie winters.  (clockwise from top) READ MORE

No Make-up Make-up Look by M.A.C

macThe trend in makeup of the times dictates that a woman must find the perfect imperfection, extolling its natural features. Under that scoop natural makeup was invented, better known as No Make-up Make-up , which is not not use makeup, but using it in such a way that it is virtually impossible to distinguish. MAC Cosmetics shared the steps to achieve ‘No Make Up look’: READ MORE

On the Verge of Global Styledom: CHARLOTTE BLAKENEY


Charlotte Blakeney is one of Australia’s most in-demand makeup artists. For almost 20 years she has worked her magic on covers, campaigns and countless celebrities. By Charlotte began as a side business: “I have always wanted to make women look and feel beautiful and I guess jewellery is another way of achieving this.” It’s now booming to the point where Blakeney is putting away her makeup brushes for good.