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Men’s Hairstyle Trend Guide for 2016

Complementing sartorial elegance of today’s unapologetically adventurous men, L’Officiel HOMMES present 7 Hair Style Trends of 2016, versatile and contemporary enough to frame any face types.

Who said Men Buns and Top Knots are a style faux pas?, edgy yet maintenance easy, they do represent the changing times, take a leap..get them……… they are perfect for Aussie winter.


Latest Release: George Cosby’s ‘Blue Moon’ for Burberry Acoustic

Haunting forsure but far from melancholia, George Cosby latest release and second collaboration (first being ‘Vacant Grace’) ‘Blue Moon’  with Burberry Acoustic, indeed evokes the most deepest of emotions one can rarely emote.

The video shot in 100 Brixton East, London, formerly a 19th Century furniture warehouse now a venue for hire adds to the character of the video. Cosby with his mates provides a simple yet poised acoustic performance packed with powerful writing and their synergy that connects with the listeners on a platonic level.

Being Brahimi


A year is a long time in food. Cafés come and go; eating habits evolve in unpredictable directions; kale reaches official rock star status before everyone admits it tastes like damp cardboard. L’Officiel caught up with Guillaume Brahimi to find out how the past year has been for one of the country’s top chefs.


Time Travel with Louis Vuitton


The world, figuratively speaking, is getting smaller. The planet’s inhabitants are more immediately and intimately connected than at any time in history. In truth, human beings have less need to travel than ever before—but wanderlust is a powerful thing. READ MORE

Scent of a Men

As the launch for L’Officiel Hommes nears, we uncover four Autumn fragrances for men that will take you on a olfactory journey from Corsica, to Southern Italy’s Mediterranean Gaunts to wild woods of Eastern Africa.

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Illustrator Michel Canetti talks women and work with L’Officiel

Michel Canetti at Bastille Day Festival 2015

Michel Canetti at Bastille Day Festival 2015

Celebrated in France as one of the leading fashion illustrators, Michel Canetti has been in the business for a very long time. His creativity and deep insight into fashion has enabled him to work with some of the world’s most elite fashion houses and magazines. His work celebrates feminine beauty and perfectly encapsulates style the feeling of grace and elegance with aplomb.

“Women have always been my inspiration. Even before becoming an illustrator, I always  admired the shape of a woman’s body.”


Melbourne’s French culinary experts talk shop

“We tend to forget the classic, authentic French flavours. What is really important is to use the freshest and best basic ingredients, and everything to be homemade from A to Z.” – Mercédé Coubard, A la folie Patisserie


Baguettes freshly baked in a suburban boulangerie, to Brie Mariotte and aged Reypenaer in your neighbourhood café; there is no reason why you can’t experience the authentic taste of French staples in Melbourne. Bastille Day 2015 Melbourne brought some of the most inspiring French culinary experts and business owners under one roof at the State Library Victoria. READ MORE