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The Luxe List


Be it by the ocean, in the desert or in the world’s most glamorous cities, LUXURY abounds. From a lush Sicilian villa overlooking a volcano to celestially-inclined dining, the world is your oyster.


Beirut takes us to Gibraltar

Beirut No no no

We can trust Zach Condon, the child faced (now hirsute) genius behind Beirut to transport us somewhere when we have itchy feet. His debut album Gulag Orkestar took us through a rose-tinted Eastern Europe while the follow up, The Flying Club Cup had us waltzing in Parisian cafes. With ‘Gibralter, the first track off new album No No No the feeling of Gypsy blues and French chanson has given way to pop laden piano with glimmers of cynicism (and a mountain of trash).


1921 Gucci Café debuts in Shanghai


Joining the likes of Cavalli, Versace, Ralph Lauren and Chanel; Gucci is the latest luxury designer label crossing into haute cuisine. In its first ever incarnation as a full-service restaurant, 1921 Gucci Cafe, (named for the year of the house’s founding), is now serving modern Italian fare to Shanghai shoppers. READ MORE