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Elemental Hues of Deadly Ponies

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Keeping its romanticised past alive in its latest Spring 16 campaign ‘Grande Familia’, kiwi brand Deadly Ponies brings basic elemental palettes in to its deliciously stitched bags, that has what now become a brand of effortless style and absolute integrity.


The collection as shown in images above and below consists of the hues of Blossom a dusky pink that evokes feelings of growth and renewal, the colour of Sky that represents long days baking in the hot sun and the shade of Charcoal that references the earth and the importance of remaining grounded.

“Every aspect of the collection embodies the idea of the working family unit. Industrious, resilient and supportive, unified to achieve a common goal.” said Deadly Ponies Creative Director, Liam Bowden  reminiscing his humble beginnings of the brand that started as one-off leather accessories solely made to entertain family and friends and now with a bustling portfolio of  an ever-expanding range of products that rivals some of the most iconic luxury brands on Paris End of Collins St, Melbourne.

The campaign also digs deeper in to its soul of the brand, Family by all means. The people, so called working unit that makes the Deadly Ponies culture humble yet cutting edge (pun intended) when it comes to its smartly cut and stitched products.

See below for full interview with remarkable Machinist Jane and Cutter/Quality Control Specialist Peter:


JANE – The Machinist


’O How long have you been working with Deadly Ponies?

8 years, I’ve been here since the start.

’O What is your role within the DP family?


’O Where did you learn your craft?

I’m originally from Scotland, I can’t remember where exactly but somewhere over there.

’O What is your fondest memory of the brand?

When it started to grow – as I said, I’ve been here since day dot when there were 3 of us in a garage.

’O Do you have a favorite style?

Not really, couldn’t pick one. All of them are lovely pieces.


PETER– Clicker, Cutter & Quality Control


’O How long have you been working with Deadly Ponies?

4 years

’O What is your role within the DP family?

Clicker, cutter and quality control for the leather

’O Where did you learn your craft?

Long time ago at Omega handbags

’O What is your fondest memory of the brand?

Ongoing atmosphere

’O Do you have a favourite style?

Couldn’t pick just one



To Buy ‘Grande Familia’ Collection Visit:

Come together this spring and join us in celebrating ‘Grande Familia’…

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