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Harley Viera Newton X MatchesFashion.COM


‘On the other end of the line’ –  from successful model to In-Demand DJ and now with most coveted collaboration HVN X collection, Harley Viera-Newton encapsulates every L’Officiel Women qualities in most delicious way possible, ofcourse with a twist with her self proclaimed moniker ‘Crazy Cat Lady’.

Bohemian in prints but ultra classy in nature, HVN collection is effortless, versatile and chic; Gingham, polka dot and cherry print dresses are specifically designed for ‘busy, effortless and chic women’, dresses that are already hit with the likes of Alexa Chung, Leigh Lezark and Martha Hunt who also attended debut of the collection at The Garden at Laduree in SoHo .

On the eve of her collection launch with, Viera-Newton participated in roulette of questions with L’Officiel on her Namesake Collection, Dreams and juggling a whirlwind of a life.


’O  Growing up did you always dream about being in fashion? HVN collection encapsulates romance in every thread, what was inspiration behind these dresses and also what prompted you to start your own fashion line?

HVN: I’ve always felt really lucky because I have been able to work in both music and fashion – I’ve been passionate about both since I was little. Designing clothes – specifically dresses – has been something I’ve always dreamed of. I recently discovered sketches I drew when I was 10 years old for a clothing line I was apparently developing.  I found drawings of two dresses – a Palm tree dress (a brown scalloped shift with a green chiffon sash) and a Pineapple dress (a yellow scalloped shift with a green chiffon sash). What’s funny is I have a palm tree print in my collection (Morgan Palm Print Short Sleeved Dress) so it’s all come very full circle!

Morgan Palm Print Short Sleeved Dress
Morgan Palm Print Short Sleeved Dress

As soon as I fell in love with vintage clothing and made dresses my uniform, I began designing my ideal dresses in my head. I would imagine certain shapes in certain prints and then hunt for them in shops… but I never quite found what I was looking for. Actualizing those ideas was always a goal of mine, but I didn’t know where to begin. Finally it felt like the right time to take this project on and really dedicate myself to it.


’O  Speaking about dreams, do you dream often? What kind of dreams do you usually have?

HVN: I have the craziest dreams when I’m traveling, especially when I’m on planes. I’ve had a recurring dream for years where I’m somehow a part of the ocean, it feels like I’m a wave drifting along. It’s quite soothing!


’O  What do you love the most about your life?

HVN: The people around me. My family, boyfriend, and friends are the most caring, supportive, intelligent, and interesting people I’ve ever met. And my cats are pretty cute too.


’O  It must had been a whirlwind for you juggling being a Model, DJ and now as a designer!

HVN: I’ve been working on the HVN collection for two years now, and it’s taken a bit longer than I’d hoped because I have been balancing it with other work. It’s been such a labor of love and I am so excited to finally share.


’O  Why launch with

HVN: MatchesFashion is one of the first places I check every week to find out what’s new. Their curation is so incredible and I’ve discovered so many great new designers on the site. Sometimes if I’m looking for a specific product I’ll think “I bet will have it!” and then they do! They stock all of my favorites and it’s such a pleasant shopping experience. When the opportunity arose to launch with them I was over the moon.


’O  Who is your favourite female icon across Arts, Film and Fashion, why?

HVN: I think Rihanna is such a powerful female icon and so inspiring. She has such incredible personal style and is so sure of who she is, and her confidence is infectious.


’O   If you were to style her for next L’Officiel Winter Cover, what items would you pick from your current collection and where will it be?

HVN: I would love to see her in the Pink Gingham Lily Slip with a coordinating hair or neck scarf. And we’d shoot in Rio!!

Pink Gingham Slip Dress
Pink Gingham Slip Dress

’O   What’s next for you – perhaps A fully-fledged fashion line debut at fashion week?

HVN: Stay tuned!



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Image Courtesy HVN & NAC Media

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