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Interview: Downton Abbey’s Lily James on being new face of perfume ‘My Burberry Black’


Known for her participation in Cinderella, Downton Abbey, in the BBC version of War and Peace and her current role as Juliet in the adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic, it is very evident, Lily James acting career is terribly extensive.

And now Burberry has chosen her as the new face of latest perfume: My Burberry Black, where she bares it all in a steamy ad campaign. She bared her skin in this very campaign and now she bares her heart with L’Officiel in an exclusive interview:


’O  Burberry What does it mean for you?
It’s the quintessentially British brand with a relaxed and cool style. At the same time, it has a great legacy and craftsmanship. it is a brand that encouraged me to be myself, and I think the concept of Burberry is to be yourself, be genuine.

’O  You’re the sexiest face of My Burberry perfume line. What impact does it have on you?
This is my first season and it feels great to be part of this. Each perfume Burberry My line has a different personality, and My Burberry Black focuses on a seductive side in a woman who feels comfortable and safe. I think Mario Testino photographs captured it perfectly.

’O  How would you describe My Burberry Black?
It ‘s sexy, seductive and fresh. Roses give a floral element which is  balanced by the dark side of the perfume.

’O  What is the message behind My Burberry Black?
It’s about accepting your sensuality and have confidence in yourself. It is British, fun and daring.


’O  How often and when do you use My Burberry Black?
Every day. It became my perfume insignia. I like floral scent and it has the perfect hint of musk and amber.

’O  In shooting the commercial, you were filmed in a typical scenario the British weather: it’s raining, you have an umbrella and a trench coat. What advice would you give someone who is about to travel to England?
Accept rain. The rain is spectacular, it is what makes England  green. My advice is simple: have a trench coat on hand.

’O  What makes you more nervous, the first day on the set, or the first night on stage?
The first night I played Juliet at The Garrick Theatre in London was the most terrifying night of my life.

’O  Lipstick: nude or red

’O  How do you relax?
When I have time, I enjoy a bath with salts and candles. I also do yoga and meditation.

’O  What is your way to spend a day off ?
Taking a bath, watch movies … not doing much. Something I love to do is go out for breakfast on Sundays.

’O  Coffee or tea:

’O  Day or Night:
Night and day …

’O  Your motto:
Just be myself.



Images courtesy Burberry.

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