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Interview: Jared Leto for Gucci Guilty


L’Officiel caught up with Jared Leto in Milan for his new gig as a new face for Gucci Guilty campaign – and thus bringing the scent back closer to the fashion house. 

’O  What was the first thought that you had for the fragrance Gucci Guilty ?
A sense of adventure and excitement. Is it not exciting that one can remember a scent to a person or a place ?! Or evoke an emotions to the surface, which have been felt for a long time before in a given situation?

’O  Would you wear both fragrances for him and her?
Of course! I like to wear both. Both are strong scents.


’O  The name of the fragrance is Guilty . Have you ever filed a confession in the church?
I have to confess too many things. Just the question of guilt and innocence plays the scent. What is wrong? And what is right ?!

’O  Would you like me to confess something?
No, everyone needs their secrets. They should not be betrayed.

’O  You have lived for a quite sometime in Berlin?
I love Berlin ! I’ve lived in 2007 a few months there and had a great time. It’s like a separate country. Regardless of the rest of the world. Do you know Monsieur Vuong in Mitte? This is great!


The campaign film can be found here:


-Image Courtesy Gucci

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