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L’Officiel Portraits: 95 Years In Making – IRIS APFEL


Fashion icon Iris Apfel is a spectacular creative, textile restoration specialist and fashion collector, she has rare pieces of fashion she never hesitates to show in town. 


Her latest achievement – a commercial for Citroen – highlights her own philosophy: to escape the trends and rules, bet everything on style. Its worldwide popularity even allows her to have an emoji line of her very eccentric image …

See with L’Officiel what keeps this 95 year old fashionista living in the moment:


’O What were the best moments of your life?

I am more in the present. Each season has its joys and its own challenges.


’O What has changed the most during these 95 years? ?

Everything has changed. The worst part is the technology, which can be terribly dehumanizing. What happened to our curiosity? In our souls? In our relationships? Life was sweet and elegant before.


’O What scares you in the future?

I especially fear of not having 95 years before me to be terrified …

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