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L’Officiel Portraits: Julia Restoin Roitfeld


Daughter of one of the most iconic fashion queens of the 1990s and 2000s CR (for Carine Roitfeld), now director of her own fashion magazine, Julia is also mother of a little 4 year old daughter, Romy.  A model, muse, stylist, designer and art director, Julia chatted with L’Officiel on her life as a kid and growing old.

The best years of your life?
The secret is to enjoy every moment and every age of life. Each age brings different things to us to make the best!

What was  good when you were a kid?
My travels around the world with my parents. There is no better way to make money.

Are you afraid of growing old?
Are there any secrets to stay young?


Photo credit: Jeremy Liebman

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