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Louboutin’s Latest Perfume Launch


This September, Christian Louboutin creates a new chapter in Loboutin’s history by revealing three new women’s fragrances: Bikini Questa Sera with Jasmine and Tuberose top notes, Trouble in Heaven with woody Oriental notes mixed with Iris, Patchouli and Tonka Absolute and finally Tornado Blonde, a delicious mix of Rose Red, Violets and Cassis.

“I sought to create a perfume as it apprehends a piano note, says Christian Louboutin. First the ping, the first note of the fragrance as striking the key on a piano string, followed by a long resonance, an echo of the note continues. There is the present moment, then wake, a long echo that I imagine as the memory of a woman, traces it leaves behind ”

Three fragrance bottles that shows Louboutin’s passion for classic shapes that withstand the test of time and fulfils his artistic olfaction desires and all possible with a mere thought of as works of art. Bottles are curvaceous, transparent and created in collaboration with Heatherwick Studio, Thomas Heatherwick, British Architect to be more precise.

“The aperture meant it was much harder to control technically as the glass is blown into the mould,” explains Heatherwick. “But the fact Christian and I were new to fragrance bottle design meant we weren’t put off by possible technical difficulties.”

“I love the beauty and simplicity of the bottles,” says Louboutin. “They have the look of a totem or trophy, like a César or an Oscar. They have a purity of design which appears so simple and yet I would say this simplicity is an indication of the rigour and reflection dedicated to its design.”


A new chapter in the history of the house Louboutin clicked with Elisa Sednaoui. Goddaughter and muse of the designer, it is photographed for the occasion by Ali Mahdavi who signs an original campaign with amazing light projections.

The fragrances will be available from mid-September posted on the Christian Louboutin website and in selected stores.

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