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‘Pony Girl’ By Deadly Ponies


Deadly Ponies is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with renowned French Jewelry house, Atelier Paulin. The ‘Pony Girl’ collection celebrates Deadly Ponies’ distinctive moniker in a series of striking pieces; hand toiled in silver and gold.

“This is our first venture back in to jewelry and we wanted to create timeless pieces that commemorate our story, and share the artistic talents of Atelier Paulin”- Says Liam Bowden. Atelier Paulin have a team of four people, who lovingly produce each individual work in the 2nd Arrondissement of Paris. Like Deadly Ponies handbags, the handcrafted nature of the product means that each piece is a unique treasure.

Deadly Ponies launch the collection with three key pieces, a fine bracelet, clothing pin and a woolen felt hat with pin adornment. Each piece is offered in either ‘Deadly’ or ‘Ponies’ crafted from 14kt gold, sterling silver, or 18kt gold-plated precious thread.


Indulge your inner Pony Girl this season…



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