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VALENTINO Autumn-Winter 2017-2018 Haute Couture

The authentic value of Haute Couture cannot be visible. In this drive to push oneself beyond the conspicuous, Haute Couture expresses a sacred notion, meant to be perceived as something that oversteps reality. Dressing for the day, officiating a liturgy made of colors and density, a research of harmony in the dissonance that reaches its climax in the absolute black. Forms simplify, reaching a hieratic simplicity. They add up and overlap, following a new idea of dressing. Immediate, but thought after, it reveals its identity with each layer.Signs that dress and communicate: the solemn cape that embraces, the modest hood that veils, sensual openings that reveal. The tactile lushness of the inlays and the renunciation full of grace of the denied embellishment. Vices that adorn and decorate, virtues that uplift and purify. A Haute Couture that elevates itself, finding its reason of being in today, beyond the apparent.

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