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VALENTINO Spring-Summer 2017 Haute Couture

Essence and truth nestles in dreams, where time does not exist and reality is the result of imagination. Haute Couture lives of imagination as well, distinguishing itself from attentions and rituals that place themselves out of time. The more its value is intimate, secret and personal, the more it is real.

The impulse of gestures reappears in the classical forms. In the straight and vertical silhouettes which open up, which quiver with rouches, which vibrate with weaves and accumulations of matter.

Lengthening, extending, capturing the duration on the surfaces: gentle and natural gestures. Conceal, disguise, cover: rituals of the Atelier that translate in objects both surreal and concrete. The purity that sidesteps austerity. The magic of the absence of effort.

Time that marks and assembles signs. Vivid colors fade till brushing white, becoming ethereal and impalpable. In the most hidden and free intimacy, there are bundles of dialogues and conjunctions: amid myth and action painting, amid Odilon Redon and Abstract Expressionism. Haute Couture concentrated to its essence, conceived to be lived. In time.

Images courtesy of Valentino Spa.
Artworks kindly loaned by Tiroche DeLeon Collection & Art Vantage PCC Limited for display at the Valentino Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Show

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